Verein zur Erhaltung der östlichen Altstadt St. Jürgen / St. Johannis e.V.

Verein zur Erhaltung der östlichen Altstadt St. Jürgen / St. Johannis e.V.

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From Trading Yard to Residential Development

Up to the nineties of the 20th century the residential area "Johannisviertel" was a lively district, including retail stores, an iron foundry and various commercial establishments and workshops. Andreas H. R. Rasmussen, a wholesale company for sanitary and heating equipment, over centuries characterized the face of Johannis Street. Founded on 30th of august 1921 as a wholesale company for sanitary equipment, it developed positively and other products like heating equipment and sheets from zinc, zinc galvanized steel and copper were added. Craftsman from the whole north of the state Schleswig-Holstein, including the islands, were customers.

The buildings at Johannis Street 42 - 46 were bought, and the business was moved to this sites, to have enough space for the large ware selection. Around 1960 more then 20 employees were working here.

During the seventies the company went through a final highlight, when a Flensburg wide central heating was built and lots of houses were renovated. From the beginning of the eighties the business went worse and in 1984, due to age backgrounds of the owners too, the company was closed.

- Views of the Buildings before Renovation -

Already 1986 an old storage shed - the house in the back of site no. 42 - was converted into a residence. This house originally was built around 1850. Built wide into the hill on its backside, the cold and wet basement room of this building was used as a cheese storage, by the local dairy, during the 30th of the last century.

After tear-off from former sheds on sites Johannis Street 44 - 46, three new town residences could be built. In accordance a completely new yard was styled. Now a high quality place for living raised in the centre of the town. In 2009 this excellent yard received an award from the city of Flensburg.

- Same Views after Renovation -

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