Verein zur Erhaltung der östlichen Altstadt St. Jürgen / St. Johannis e.V.

Verein zur Erhaltung der östlichen Altstadt St. Jürgen / St. Johannis e.V.

Electricity from waterfall Lautrupsbach

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The association "Verein zur Erhaltung der östlichen Altstadt e.V." is looking for possibility's, to reactivate the former small power station at the fall Lautrupsmühle, since years. It is our imagination, to realise a project within the climate federation of the community of Flensburg. This federation is going to demonstrate the appliance of alternative energies in a cooperation with other institutions - like the university of applied science, university, Phaenomenta -.

The two students from the university of applied science Flensburg, Lucie Schiweck (26 years, left side on the picture) and Ilka Cussmann (23) will finish their bachelor thesis in March, where they investigate the commissioning of a small power station. They describe their task as follows:

"At the time beeing both of us study management for energies and environment at the university of applied science in Flensburg. It is as study of commercial engineering focussed on producing energy and regenerating energy. Within our bachelor thesis carrying the name: Possibility's of using water power at the Lautrupsbach in Flensburg", we are investigating, if a small water power station can be realised at the place of the former watermill Lautrupsmühle, under ecologically and technical questions.

Within our work we will investigate different technical variations and applications, to find out the best alternative for the stream as a ecological system and the area of the city with its citizens afterwards. It is our target, the bachelor thesis will be the kick-off for the project, and we collect the necessary informations, to enable a trouble-free further process of the project.

We find this project interesting from different points of view: - on the one hand because it is a project just in front of our own house door, and this opens the possibility looking on a very new perspective on Flensburg, and discovering a lot. Additionally we are learning different tasks, necessary for planning such a small power station. We are looking forward for the next weeks and months and the further process of the project.

"Demonstration Power Station in old Mill"

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vom 4.7.2013
Uwe Sprenger

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