Verein zur Erhaltung der östlichen Altstadt St. Jürgen / St. Johannis e.V.

Verein zur Erhaltung der östlichen Altstadt St. Jürgen / St. Johannis e.V.

Front Door from 1780

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House in Captain Quarter

The St.-Jürgen-Straße 20 was built around 1780 by a captain. Through the long-distance trade with Norway, France, the Mediterranean and the West Indies he came to money. Within the city limits Flensburg he found no plot.

Outside the city walls prevailed until the end of the 18th century building ban. The land on the east side of the harbor lay outside the city walls and belonged to the monastery, which was politically independent. Flensburg building codes were not here. Thus were between the harbor and St.-Jürgen-Straße many Sailors acquire land and build their houses. Since 1874 Jürgensby was integrated.

The St.-Jürgen-Straße leading to St.-Jürgen-Hospital, which in itself Middle Ages there was where since 1907 the St.-Jürgen-Church stands. St. Jürgen (Danish for Georg) was the patron saint of hospitals and infirmaries. In Hospital were treated at that time especially lepers.

On the Architecture of the building:

The brick eaves House gable end standing on a field by stone masonry aided terrace. The grouted facade is dominated by pilasters vertically and horizontally structured by a eaves cornice. Decorative anchor connecting masonry and stringers. The carvings provided with double-leaf door is in Louis Seize style still the original from 1780th.

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