Verein zur Erhaltung der östlichen Altstadt St. Jürgen / St. Johannis e.V.

Verein zur Erhaltung der östlichen Altstadt St. Jürgen / St. Johannis e.V.

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Art originated Progress

It was the construction of the new theater, the desire was 1893 rise, central to produce electricity in Flensburg. At this time, the warm gas glow light still dominant and significantly cheaper. For when the first Costings of privately founded on 06/11/1894 company templates was the power at the price of approx. Calculated 55 Pfennig per kilowatt hour (approx. 24 Pfennig cost around 1900 a liter of beer.) A former price comparison for lighting a business came at the cost of 91.92 Marks for the gas lighting and 460.80 Marks for electric lighting. The "Flensburger Elektricitätswerk "at the Karlstraße took on 08/31/1894 electricity production on. Only a small area was provided initially in the center and of course, the theater, from when it opened in September 1894 in the light 1000 electric lamps shone.

Electrification began its triumphal march. Were in 1897 only 120 customers powered, there were already 530 in 1900 and 1905 already 1185 customers. The city of Flensburg had his eye on this lucrative market and took over in 1913 with their new power plant on the west bank of the fjord power supply in the city. On 12.31.1913 the electricity works presented at the Karlstraße the operation completely. Today is located at the former Location a substation of Stadtwerke Flensburg. Sad were local residents in Johannis quarter not about this development. After contemporary reports of Local press had the chimneys of the plant "almost two decades its soot and smoke masses about the inner city spewed".

Generator Hall 1854 - 1913

Outside View 2015

Inside View 2015

Pictures: 3 Stadtwerke, 2 sh:z/Flensburger Tageblatt, Michael Staudt

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