Verein zur Erhaltung der östlichen Altstadt St. Jürgen / St. Johannis e.V.

Verein zur Erhaltung der östlichen Altstadt St. Jürgen / St. Johannis e.V.

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The Ugly Duckling

Already in 1580 at Johannisstraße 49 was built the first house to be sold in 1630 to the owners of of the pharmacy named Ratsapotheke which remained in their possession to 1778. During this time there was a medical herb garden, reaching up to approximately 30 meters away Fjord.

- Flensburg in the year 1779 with location of the building -

The actual house at Johanisstraße 49 was built by the carpenter Jacob Hansen in the year 1788. At that time the Johannisviertel was marked by trade and crafts quarter. The decline began after the 2nd World War, caused mainly by urban planning in the 1960s, which provided for the construction of a flyover by the district. Land was purchased by the city to cancel the houses, the remaining housing stock decayed.

- Views of the building before renovation 1989 -

The turning point for the quarter came with the establishment of the redevelopment area "Eastern Old Town" 1988th. As civic engagement and a restructuring plan then reached this house, the plastered and run-down house turned out with its elaborate the fjord shore facing west facade as a representative testimony upscale home decor. This single storey house from the Baroque period was increased and plastered in the 19th century. At the 1990 implementation of reorganization after the planning architect Matthias Bleich the baroque structure elements were restored. Contrary to the original plans, either demolish the house or set up smaller rental properties, there are now three town houses, largely respecting the original construction of space.

- Views of the Baroque facades after renovation 1992 -

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